NFTs that earn
you money

Support startups or companies and complete microtasks to receive revenue shares and commissions.


Gamechangers issues Non-Fungible License Tokens (NFLTs), that enable startups and companies to create powerful communities by incentivizing supporters for the completion of microtasks.
By introducing a new NFT ecosystem and marketplace, Gamechangers enables companies to tap into the power of the crowd through microtasks by granting licenses of various kinds in exchange for rewards such as revenue sharing and commissions.

How it works

A better way of building successful companies.

Benefits / Utilities

The most important advantages of NFLTs

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What’s in store?

NFTs that earn you money
Support startups or companies and complete microtasks to receive revenue shares and commissions.

Master NFLTs

The Gamechangers "Master-NFLT" provides the following advantages:

  • Your earnings

    For all NFLTs you hold, you will earn revenue shares and commissions - in exchange for some microtasks.

  • Fixed Price

    If you reserved your spot for e.g. $5, you will be offered all future NFLTs for $5 as well.

  • Limited Seats

    There are and always will be only 5,000 Master-NFLTs.

  • Tradability

    All NFLTs are tradable on secondary marketplaces.

Project NFLTs

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Modular.Farm - Smart closed-cycle modular farming on autopilot
The first and only sensor-, AI- & mobile app controlled, closed-cycle, self-powering, self-regulating & self-sustaining, mobile and extendable container farm, that enables everyone to produce +100k $ p.a. worth of locally grown fresh and healthy food.
Tags: Agritech, Vertical Farming, AI, Blockchain
The only drag & drop, AI-supported algorithm and editor, and Algorithm-as-a-Service (AaaS) marketplace. No programming skills required. Just drag, drop & define your variables. Let AI do the rest & offer your creation on our marketplace to earn a passive income.
Tags: AaaS, SaaS, Algorithms, AI
We’re building the Gamechangers marketplace and mobile apps to allow easy trading of NFLTs directly on the platform.
Tags: NFT, NFLT, Marketplace, Launchpad


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