General Rules

1. To join our bounty program, you must first register here.

2. For authentication reasons, please then add your social usernames/profile to the social networks section of your account. This way we can make sure nobody steals your posts.

3. For the duration of the campaign, you must stay a follower and/or member of the respective campaign channels you’re joined. If you leave in the middle of the campaign, you will lose your stakes.

4. We do have the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if you think you are not honest, if you violate these rules, if you are spamming or otherwise not behaving correctly.

5. If you were removed from the campaign or banned from any network, you will lose your stakes and you will not get rewarded.

6. Using multiple accounts, cheating and spamming is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban from the bounty campaign.

7. We do have the right to change these rules at any time if necessary.

8. Using other accounts for reporting is not allowed. You must use the account you registered with.

9. You will be removed from the campaign and you will lose your stakes, if you were inactive for 2 weeks.

10. Your stakes will be visible in your account within 7 days after you submitted your report.

11. Your stakes will be distributed within 2 weeks after the bounty campaign ended.

12. Your stakes will be calculated according to the current number of followers at the time of submitting. You will not receive more stakes because you collected 1,000 more followers weeks after submitted your report.

13. You must submit a weekly report through the form below – before Sundays 23:59 CET.

14. You cannot change your wallet address after your initial submission. Only ETH wallets accepted.

15. By joining this campaign, you accept these rules as terms & conditions.

16. If you have questions, please contact us.