1. You must join the official Telegram channel.

2. You must do at least 5 quality posts per week on different public cryptocurrency or NFT Telegram groups with more than 500 members – talking about the Gamechangers concept, NFLTs as the next generation of NFTs, the Master or Project NFLTs. Posts from the Gamechangers Telegram group or bounty related posts will not count.

3. Your post must be constructive and informative, include the name in your post, but don’t include hashtags since it will be marked as spam.

4. You can use the Gamechangers avatar and add “ Supporter” to your username to earn extra stakes, but you must do both. If you remove either of the two, you will lose your stakes.

5. Submit a weekly report through the form below – before Sundays 23:59 CET.

6. Find the avatar here.


5 Posts: 2 stakes/week
Avatar + Name Addition: 1 stake/week