1. Follow Gamechangers AND Modular.Farm

2. Like and retweet this post (yes, you participate in the giveaway).

3. Your account and posts must be active, and your posts must be visible to all users.

4. You must have 90% real twitter followers (we will check through

5. If your twitter account gets suspended/deleted/banned during the campaign, you will not get rewarded.

6. Minimum 2 quote retweets and 3 tweet per week.

7. Tweets and quote retweets must include hashtags and the Gamechangers URL (

8. Use at least 3 of these hashtags: #NFT #NFLT #Gamechangers #NFTcommunity #NFTdrop #opensea.

9. If there is no new post to share, you need to create an original post yourself (again with hashtags and the URL).

10. Don’t do all the tasks on the same day, spread over a few days.

11. Submit a weekly report through the form below – before Sundays 23:59 CET.

12. You will see your stakes in your account within 7 days after submitting your reports.


500+ followers: 1 stake/week
1000+ followers: 2 stakes/week
1500+ followers: 3 stakes/week
4000+ followers: 4 stakes/week
10000+ followers: 6 stakes/week