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NFTs that earn you money
Support startups or companies and complete microtasks to receive revenue shares and commissions.

Master NFLTs

The Gamechangers "Master-NFLT" provides the following advantages:

  • Your earnings

    For all NFLTs you hold, you will earn revenue shares and commissions - in exchange for some microtasks.

  • Fixed Price

    If you reserved your spot for e.g. $5, you will be offered all future NFLTs for $5 as well.

  • Limited Seats

    There are and always will be only 5,000 Master-NFLTs.

  • Tradability

    All NFLTs are tradable on secondary marketplaces.

Project NFLTs

Explore the Gamechangers Project NFLTs
Modular.Farm - Smart closed-cycle modular farming on autopilot
The first and only sensor-, AI- & mobile app controlled, closed-cycle, self-powering, self-regulating & self-sustaining, mobile and extendable container farm, that enables everyone to produce +100k $ p.a. worth of locally grown fresh and healthy food.
Tags: Agritech, Vertical Farming, AI, Blockchain
Displai enables even non-tech-savvy companies and individuals to create complex algorithms & visualizations to increase their gains and profits.
Tags: SaaS, Algorithms, AI, Blockchain
We’re building the Gamechangers marketplace and mobile apps to allow easy trading of NFLTs directly on the platform.
Tags: NFT, NFLT, Marketplace, Launchpad