In order to reward early supporters, as well as to avoid gas wars, Gamechangers generally works on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure your early bird spot, you can grab your Master NFLT here.

Once you’re the owner of a Master NFLT, any future project NFLT of the same number will be offered to you first for the same price. So, for example, if you purchased the Master NFLT #26 for $26, you will also be offered the Modular.Farm NFLT for $26, as well as all NFLTs there are to come. You can waive your right of first refusal at any time and for any project NFLT without any repercussions.

Just like a project NFLT, the Master NFLT is fully tradable on any regular NFT marketplace. For more information, please see the Master NFLT detail page, as well as the Explore pages.