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We believe that the foundation of successful companies lies in strong communities. However, it can be challenging to determine which venture to support. Our AI technology evaluates game-changing startups to identify high-potential projects and ideas.


Gamechangers issues Non-Fungible License Tokens (NFLTs), that enable startups to build powerful communities by incentivizing supporters through the completion of microtasks. As a result, every supporter becomes a stakeholder and plays a role in the development of the venture. In return, supporters benefit from revenue shares and commissions.


To ensure fairness and equitable participation, we limit individuals to a maximum of 2 NFLTs per project.

First-come, First-served

At Gamechangers, we prioritize quality over quantity, which is why we accept only high-potential startups with game-changing ideas and technologies.


We recognize the importance of rewarding early supporters who have placed their trust in the ventures. To achieve this, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. To reward early supporters, we offer MASTER NFLTs, which give the holder the right of first refusal.


The price of MASTER NFLTs, as well as Project NFLTs, increases by $1 with each subsequent token. For example, NFLT #1 will be available for $1, #2 for $2, and so on. This not only rewards early adopters, but also builds trust in the project and reduces the risk of failure and losses.

Campaign Launches

As a MASTER NFLT holder, you will be notified of every new project NFLT campaign launch. You will then have one week to make a purchase or waive your right of first refusal.


Both your MASTER NFLT and all project NFLTs are fully tradeable on any regular NFT marketplace.


If you do not hold a MASTER NFLT, you can still acquire the respective project NFLT on regular NFT marketplaces if they are available for resale or auction.


As a project NFLT holder, you are eligible to participate in the microtasks specified in the project description, which will earn you revenue shares and commissions.


Each Project NFLT is governed by a separate smart contract that manages the monthly distribution of revenue shares and commissions. For further information, please refer to the project description.

Participation & Trading

As a NFLT holder, you have the flexibility to contribute and earn rewards for as long as you desire. Additionally, you can trade your NFLT at any time and for any reason on any standard NFT marketplace, with no restrictions or obligations attached.