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We believe that the success of startups is built on robust communities. However, choosing which venture to support can be a challenge. Our AI technology evaluates game-changing startups, and identifies high-potential projects and ideas.


Gamechangers issues Non-Fungible License Tokens (NFLTs) to empower startups and companies to establish strong communities by incentivizing supporters through the completion of microtasks.

License Management

NFLTs can take various forms, such as exploitation rights, franchise or area manager licenses.


Project NFLTs are offered with a constant increase in price of $1. For example, NFLT #1 will be available for $1, #2 for $2, and so on. This approach not only rewards early adopters but also enhances trust in the project and minimizes the risk of failure and losses.


The right of first refusal for any project NFLT belongs to the corresponding MASTER NFLT holder.


Companies, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs are welcome to apply for a listing and the issuance of NFLTs. Please ensure that your venture has the potential to be a true game-changer.

AI Screening

The application process is evaluated by our AI for its readiness, feasibility, potential, eligibility, acceptability, and projected ROI, and may be accepted or rejected.

Validation & Verification

We then validate the data provided, assess the score, and verify the team. If there are no concerns, we will work with the applicant to draft the NFLT campaign.

Campaign Development

Once accepted, Gamechangers and the applicant will collaborate to create a unique campaign that outlines the preferred blockchain, number, type, and structure of NFLT licenses, the associated microtasks, utilities, and revenue share/commission model.

NFLT Issuing

The NFLTs will be issued, and all MASTER NFLT holders, as well as the wider community, will be informed of how and where to purchase the NFLTs.


When the campaign is launched, the NFLTs will first be offered to existing MASTER NFLT holders, who can purchase them at their respective MASTER NFLT number/price. For example, the holder of MASTER NFLT #7, who paid $7 for their NFLT, will have the opportunity to purchase the project NFLT for $7.


MASTER NFLT holders have one week to make the purchase or waive their right of first refusal.

Buyers & Contributors

Project NFLT holders are eligible for revenue shares and commissions if they fulfill the microtasks as outlined in the project description.

Participation & Trading

NFLT holders can participate and earn rewards for as long as they desire and can trade their NFLT at any time and for any reason on any standard NFT marketplace, without any restrictions or obligations.


A separate smart contract governs the monthly distribution of revenue shares and commissions for each Project NFLT. It is the responsibility of the company to provide these funds in a timely manner and to maintain a certain level of transparency.