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About us

Welcome to Gamechangers.ai, where we use artificial intelligence to identify, evaluate, and build high-potential startups.

We’re taking things a step further by issuing Non-Fungible License Tokens (NFLTs), which allow startups to build global communities & secure additional funding, and NFT buyers to receive revenue shares & commissions in exchange for completing microtasks.

Join us on this innovative journey to support and grow the next generation of game-changing startups.

Our team is dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to identify and support the most promising startups.

We believe that by leveraging AI and the blockchain, we can create a more efficient and equitable ecosystem for both startups and investors.

How it works for NFT buyers

By purchasing an NFT, buyers are not only getting a unique digital asset, but also a stake in the success of the startup. As the startup grows, so does the value of the NFT.

Additionally, buyers can earn additional revenue and commissions by completing microtasks for the startup. Join us in supporting the next generation of startups and earn a piece of the pie.

How it works for startups

Startups can apply to join our program and go through our AI-driven evaluation process. If selected, they will receive funding, mentorship, and resources to help them grow their business.

Additionally, they will have the opportunity to issue NFTs to raise additional capital and engage their community.

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