How it works
for Startups


We believe that successful companies are based on strong communities, but which venture should one support? Our AI evaluates game-changing startups & companies, and identifies high-potential projects and ideas.
Gamechangers issues Non-Fungible License Tokens (NFLTs), that enable startups and companies to create powerful communities by incentivizing supporters for the completion of microtasks.

License Management

These NFLTs can be of any kind – for example exploitation rights, franchise or area manager licenses.
Project NFLTs are offered with a constant price increase of $1. NFLT #1 will be available for $1, #2 for $2, and so on. This procedure does not only reward the early birds, it also increases trust in your project and reduces the risk of failure and losses.
The right of first refusal of any project NFLT lies with the respective Master NFLT holder.

Peter purchased his Master NFLT #11 for $11, Mary bought her Master NFLT #12 for $12. With every new campaign launch Peter is offered his project NFLT also for $11. If he waives his right of first refusal, Mary (as being the next in line) is offered the same NFLT for $11 instead of $12. All unsold NFLTs will be offered on the secondary marketplace for people who don’t own Master NFLTs.


Companies, startups and soon-to-be founders can apply for a listing and NFLT issuing. Please make sure your venture is a true Game-changer – we will not accept e.g. any regular E-commerce stores.

AI Screening

The application is vetted by our AI for its readiness, feasibility, potential, eligibility, acceptability, and projected ROI. The application is then accepted or rejected.

Validation & Verification

We then validate the data provided, qualify the score and verify the team. If there are no red flags, we start working with the applicant to draft the NFLT campaign.

Campaign Development

Once accepted, Gamechangers and the applicant will outline and develop a individual campaign that includes the preferred chain, number, type and structure of NFLT-licenses, the respective microtasks, the utilities and revenue share / commission model.

NFLT Issuing

We will then issue the NFLTs and inform all Master NFLT holders, as well as the general community about where and how to purchase the NFLTs.


When the campaign is launched, the respective NFLTs are first being offered to the existing Master NFLT holders, which can acquire them according to their Master NFLT number/price, so the holder of the Master NFLT #7 who paid $7 for his NFLT will have the opportunity to buy also this NFLT for $7.
Master NFLT holders have then one week to make the NFLT purchase or to waive their right of first refusal.

Buyers & Contributors

Project NFLT holders are then eligible for revenue shares and commissions – if they make sure the microtasks are getting fulfilled  – as agreed on in the project description.

Participation & Trading

NFLT holders can contribute and earn as long as they want to. They can also trade their NFLT at any time and for any reason on any regular NFT marketplace if they wish to do so. No strings attached.


For any Project NFLT a separate smart contract will handle all monthly payouts of revenue shares and commissions. It is your duty as a company to provide these funds in time and to grant a certain level of transparency.