How to Join

Gamechangers offers the following ways to join:

1. Grab your Master NFLT

In order to reward early supporters, as well as to avoid gas wars, Gamechangers generally works on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure your early bird spot, you can grab your Master NFLT here.
Once you’re the owner of a Master NFLT, any future project NFLT of the same number will be offered to you first for the same price. So, for example, if you purchased the Master NFLT #26 for $26, you will also be offered the Modular.Farm NFLT for $26, as well as all NFLTs there are to come. You can waive your right of first refusal at any time and for any project NFLT without any repercussions.
Just like a project NFLT, the Master NFLT is fully tradable on any regular NFT marketplace. For more information, please see the Master NFLT detail page, as well as the Explore pages.

2. Win a Giveaway

Gamechangers is regularly running giveaways. To be notified about the next giveaway, please follow us on Twitter and/or signup for our newsletter.

3. Do Promotions

If you have a substantial active follower base, you can join our promoters pool and earn a share in our referral budget.

4. Collect Affiliate Points

You can also actively earn NFLTs by promoting Gamechangers and its project campaigns. You can do so by sharing invite links, which get tracked automatically. For every signup you’ll collect points.

Or you do promotions by writing qualitative articles or blog posts, producing Youtube videos, etc. Please contact us before you start so we can discuss the details.

Once you have registered and logged in, you’ll find your referral link and number of points here.

5. Secondary market

Don’t worry if you missed out on the Master or Project NFLTs. You will find them on regular NFT marketplaces, as well as on our upcoming Gamechangers NFLT marketplace.

Get started

Find out more or join today and grab your Master NFLT on Opensea
to have the exclusive right of first refusal for any upcoming project NFLT.