What happened & what’s coming
May 23 2022
Beta Launch Launch
NFTs that earn you money
Support startups or companies and complete microtasks to receive revenue shares and commissions.
May 27 2022
Campaign Launch
Master NFLT Offering
Master NFLT Offering on Opensea
Gamechangers works on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to reward early supporters, as well as to avoid gas wars, we currently offer MASTER NFLTs, that grants the respective holder the right of first refusal. Master NFLTs, as well as Project NFLTs are offered with a constant price increase of $1. NFLT #1 will be available for $1, #2 for $2, and so on…
June 21st 2022
Campaign Launch
Modular.Farm Launch
Smart closed-cycle modular farming on autopilot
Modular.Farm is the first and only sensor-, AI- & mobile app controlled, closed-cycle, self-powering, self-regulating & self-sustaining, mobile, and extendable container farm, that enables everyone to produce +100k $ p.a. worth of locally grown fresh and healthy food.
October 01 2022
Campaign Launch
Displai Launch
Displai enables even non-tech-savvy companies and individuals to create complex algorithms & visualizations to increase their gains and profits.
November 01 2022
Campaign Launch
Gamechangers Marketplace
We’re building the Gamechangers marketplace and mobile apps to allow easy trading of NFLTs directly on the platform.
December 01 2022
Campaign Launch
Cocoon Launch
Cocoon is revolutionizing the way women express themselves through makeup. Save time and money, be creative and shine!
January 02 2023
Campaign Launch
Synced Launch
We're syncing humans all over the world by indirectly exchanging their haves and needs to better manage the world’s resources.